Windows 8 Developer Preview Dual Boot Installation

Learn how to install Windows 8 developer preview on your computer with dual boot. Check out the steps drafted by Omnitech support team here:

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Microsoft Plans To Release Windows 9 As Free Upgrade

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It is over a year after Microsoft has released their latest operating system Windows 8.1 in the market. It is heard that the company is planning to introduce a new operating system to the market in the spring of 2015. We were able to procure from our sources in Windows 8 upgrade center that the company is all set to release the operating system as a free upgrade to all the existing genuine Windows users. According to our source, the company will be releasing Windows 9 as a free upgrade to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 customers.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet supposes that the main reason for providing the new operating system free for existing customers is to entice users away from legacy platforms. The company is planning provide the operating system as a free upgrade to all the Windows users who are using versions prior to Windows 8. Many find the deal as a marketing tactics from Microsoft. If the company does not offer a free upgrade, the existing users may go for Google’s Chrome OS or Apple’s Mac OS X.

It is also heard that the second update for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Update 2 is all set to release in the market on August 12 2014. The update will be available through the Microsoft patch Tuesday and is an optional update from Microsoft. Even though the company asks its users to upgrade to the Windows 8.2 Update 2 through Windows 8 upgrade website, there is no major changes in the update as the company has included only minor design changes with the operating system. the main reason that Microsoft has included only minor changes with the update is the fact that they have been focusing all their energy on developing the Windows 9 operating system.

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The operating system is also known as Threshold in the Windows support circles is rumored to include major changes in the design and user interface. It is heard that the new operating system will be having a user interface that is based on the Windows 7 and will sport the return of the Start menu. The new operating system will also have a tile based user interface, but with start menu button.

If the rumors of free upgrade are true, then the operating system will be the last blow to the already dying Windows 8 operating system.

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The Latest On Windows 8.2

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Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 are what users have their eyes own now. We have heard it from WZOR, a pirate group who are a trove of leaked Microsoft scoops, that there are a few updates imminent.

Apparently, the Windows 8.2 update is slated for release this fall. We are not sure that this is the name it will go by, but it is a fairly accurate assumption considering how Microsoft has been naming all their other products recently. Reports say that this will not be an all out OS, but rather another improvement upon Windows 8, aimed to assuage users who did a Windows 8 upgrade.

Eyeing the update

For the first time since Windows 8, there is going to be a proper Start menu, and that is straight from Microsoft. It was mainly because there was no Start menu or Start button in Windows 8, which many people did not appreciate. Many even snubbed a Windows 8 upgrade for this single reason. Which is why, the software mammoth tried including a half-done Start Menu in the Win 8.1 update; and that still was not enough to please. Maybe this was intentional, and they were just testing the popular demand with a stopgap. There was even the added ability to boot straight into the Desktop mode, but this too was regarded more as an issue fix than a feature.

The company is still trying to get users to drop old operating systems for new ones, but that has not helped by the fact that the latter do not match the former in familiar usability. Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 better score good with traditional mouse and keyboard users, most of whom are eager for an OS they can use and upgrade Windows 7 to.

Win 8.1 Update

Windows 8 Update

A free upgrade may get customers rushing back in. Microsoft has had plenty of chance to understand that. However, we are not holding out too much hope they will offer Windows 8.2 for free. For what it’s worth, we are expecting Microsoft to release Windows 8.2 this fall, and Windows 9 next spring.

Rumors say that there is much more to come with the update, except for the Start Menu Microsoft has announced. The rest is speculation until they reveal more. Keep checking in for more scoops on Windows products, and other stories on Microsoft. For more, call our tech support or get a live chat session here.

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Windows 9 Rumors, Release And Features

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Getting To Know Windows 9

Microsoft seems to make desperate attempts to revive after reeling under recent damages to its image due to the largely unpopular operating system, Windows 8. After immense success of Windows 7, Windows 8 came into line of fire because it was entirely different from all the predecessor versions. Not only was the latest version unconventional and non-intuitive, Windows 8 hugely favors touch screen users over normal keyboard and mouse users. Even the latest Windows 8 upgrade did not seem to address this situation. Now, Microsoft is relying on Windows 9 to repair the damage and repair the slide in PC sales.

Ever since rumors started flying around that Windows 9 will be released sometime in 2015, every user wants to know if this version would feature a Start menu and how it would look like. Other rumors are afloat that suggest Windows 9 sales model would be different from all previous versions and would work on a subscription basis.

All major sources suggest Microsoft will be releasing Windows 9 in either the second or the third quarter of 2015. However, none of these rumours have been confirmed by Microsoft, which dodges every instance of release dates. Even the BUILD 2014 conference, which shows the latest products and services from Microsoft, did not receive any special mention about Windows 9. However, this conference did feature a sneak peek into the Start menu, which is expected to feature in the next update of Windows 8.1.

Mary Jo Foley, renowned journalist who specializes in analyzing strategies of Microsoft and WZOR, an infamous hacker group whose reveals have been true in the past, have both predicted the next operating system will be free to install and use, and that certain apps and features would cost you on a subscription basis, something that has never been attempted before.

Metro Style

What To Expect In Windows 9

Microsoft has finally caved in to the demands of users and brought back the Start menu in both the future versions of Windows 8 upgrade and Windows 9. The Start menu featured in Windows 8.1 upgrade 2 will show valuable insights into how Windows 9 Start screen would look like. From the leaked screenshots circulating online, it is certain that Microsoft went for a ‘best of both worlds’ approach and merged together the Start menu of Windows 7 and Tiles present in the Metro style Windows 8 Start screen.

Ease of use and intuitiveness of the new updated version will be known only once the Windows 9 beta version releases. Till then, all we can do is bide time and wait for some new ‘Leaks’ to come along.

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Microsoft Jordan Starts Windows 8.1Corner In Smartbuy

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In an unparalleled step in North Africa, East Mediterranean and Pakistan (NEPA) region, Microsoft Jordan started a Windows 8.1 corner at SmartBuy in Cozmo. The corner was activated on Thursday, June 19, 2014 and it runs for two weeks. The corner will feature an extensive range of the latest detachable devices and tablets that run on Windows 8.1 OS. This step is aimed to fulfill the goal of Microsoft Jordan’s goal to continuously provide the customers with a premium buying experience.

Windows 8.1 is a free and user-friendly Windows 8 upgrade that is optimal for multi tasking and productivity. This OS is highly personalized and offers easy navigation, a wide range of services and apps, and enhanced search options that are accessible from the Start screen of the OS. The OS features a beautifully redesigned Store and deep cloud integration with OneDrive, allowing the users to access their data anytime regardless of their location. OneDrive is a cloud hosting application that allows the users to download, store, organize, and access data through the Internet or through their personal devices.

Additionally, Microsoft Jordan is providing students and teachers the chance to get free Office 365 and Office 2013 software if their university or school is enlisted at the Windows 8.1 corner. This move falls in line with Microsoft Jordan’s commitment towards the country Jordan as a whole, particularly regarding improving the standards of education, remaining side by side with the latest technologies and promoting creativity.

East Mediterranean And Pakistan

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Microsoft Jordan Country Manager Hussein Malhas said, “This step corresponds with Microsoft ‘s services and devices strategy, and is in line with its new approach which entails targeting retail stores, a direction it has chosen to adopt in recent years. This is a brand new concept in Jordan and we are confident that it will prove to be highly effective. I would like to thank SmartBuy for their commendable cooperation in ensuring the remarkable success of this launch.”

This move of Microsoft Jordan is a good one and Microsoft is trying to improve the sales of Windows 8.1 with this move. Those users who have done the Windows 8 upgrade will be happy with this move. If you wish to know more on Microsoft Jordan launching Windows 8.1 corner at SmartBuy, you can contact the Microsoft support center. They will be able to provide you with the latest information on this news.

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