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Those users of the Windows 8 operating system who were clawing for a return of the Start menu and the removal of Start screen may be in for a treat this September. That is when the latest reports peg the first public release of Windows Threshold, or what most of the people are referring to as Windows 9. Sources who spoke with All About Microsoft, which is a much reputable outlet for the Microsoft leaks and details, have revealed that Microsoft is planning to release a technical preview of what that may call Windows 9 as early as the end of September or the first few weeks of October. This is obviously good news for those users who have done the Windows 8 upgrade.

This technical preview of the Windows 9 OS would not be the final version of the OS upgrade. But users who are comfortable with trying the pre-release software will be able to download the update to their Windows computers. Citing other sources who spoke with it, the outlet is pegging a final release of Windows Threshold for next year. Until now, Microsoft has not actually confirmed that there is a Windows 9 or Windows Threshold upgrade in development. The few times they have shared any information about the Windows upgrades, they stuck to just indicating that those things are features that they are working on for the future release.

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The reports and leaks about the software updater have made it clear that Windows Threshold is coming and that it will be a seriously huge release. If we can believe the rumors, Windows 9 will be just as much of a change as Windows 8 was. Earlier this year, Microsoft had confirmed that they are developing a miniaturized version of the Start screen for integration where the Start menu was once located in the Windows 7 OS. This Start menu will be including Live Tiles and many features of the Start Screen but will not completely take over the display. This was one of the biggest complaints of the users about the Windows 8 operating system Start Screen.

The tech world is hoping the Windows 9 release to be an earth shaker. It is believed that this release will be a great relief to the dissatisfied Windows 8 upgrade customers. If you wish to know more on the Threshold update, you can contact the Microsoft tech support team.

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Steps To Make Calls On Windows Live Messenger

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One of the popular chat programs used by millions of people around the world is Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. In addition to normal chat features, this program helps users to make live calls from the program. Windows Live help center says that as the application costs less than two cents, it is considered as one of the cheapest means of making calls. In this article, we will take you through the steps on how to make calls using this program.

Steps Involved

According to the Windows Live help center, you can make calls from the program easily. Just follow the steps below for the purpose.

  • Open the Start menu on your computer and click All Programs link. This will give you the list of programs installed on the computer.
  • Choose Windows Live Essentials and then click on the Windows Live Messenger icon from the menu that opens.
  • Once Windows Live Messenger application loads up, type your username and password in the required fields. This will take you the home page of the messenger window.
  • Choose the telephone icon found at the top of the program window. You will find two icons here. One is of the traditional telephone and the other one is for cell phone. Choose the one for traditional telephone to start with.
  • You will find a pop up window that looks like flip phone. Choose the option Learn More here, and find out the existing rates for making calls from the program. These will usually be international rates for prepaid users.
  • Keep in mind that the Live Calling feature will work only with Verizon Web Calling. So, if you do not have one, create an account with the service. For this, you will have to enter relevant details and choose billing preferences.

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  • Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions before you sign up for the account. Once you setup the account, make your first call.
  • You can make the call when the keypad appears on the screen, after you finish filling relevant details like credit card information. In order to make the call, dial the numbers and simply click on the Call button.

The major advantage of using the Windows Live Messenger program to make calls is affordable pricing. According to Windows Live help team, you will have to shell out twice or thrice the price, when making calls from a normal phone. So, Windows Live Messenger is obviously a wise choice.

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More Time Allowed For Businesses To Update Windows 8.1

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The much-awaited Windows 8.1 Update was released by Microsoft a few months ago and it is the update that is released by Microsoft for fixing some of the flaws found in their previous operating system update, Windows 8.1. The Windows 8 operating system was disliked because of the absence of traditional Windows Start button and it was especially intended for touch screen devices. This created much confusion among the PC users and this led to the downfall of Windows 8. In the new Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft bought some OS features back, like those found in the Windows 7 OS, thereby making it more desktop friendly. However, the tech giant was seriously concerned about the corporate customers since they are hesitating to move to the latest Windows 8.1 updates of the operating system.

However, unfortunately, this update did not go smoothly for Microsoft and for many of its existing Windows 8.1 business customers. The business customers, who already upgraded their systems to Windows 8.1 and looking to use the Windows Server Update Services to upgrade their systems, faced a glitch. However, in addition to the news regarding the latest update that came last week, there came the news about a mandated deadline, before which the users were expected to install the updates without fail. If the users failed to upgrade their machines, then they will not receive any future security patches or updates until they were updated.

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However, Microsoft came out with a solution through a Windows 8 upgrade blog, which will help the business users to get back to their system upgrading. In fact, the tech giant has also extended the deadline, within which the business users need to update their systems. According to Microsoft blog post, the business customer can update their system before August 12 (this deadline is now over). This makes the situation even more confusing as those Windows users, who have not updated their system to Windows 8.1 have time until January 12, 2016 to complete the update process. From this, it is clear that Microsoft want more users to update their systems to the new update.

Microsoft embedded some new exciting features in the latest Windows 8.1 Update and brings a new look to some of the traditional features found in the previous OS especially for the desktop users. This is mainly done to make the Windows 8.1 users happy by bringing back some of the features that were absent in the Windows 8 OS. For more news and information regarding this, contact the Windows 8 upgrade team.

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Windows XP Continues To Be In Use In China

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China always does everything of its own accord. Even while the rest of the world, which includes from home users to large corporates and even government agencies were busy upgrading their systems before the support deadline of Windows XP, Chinese government opted to continue using the outdated operating system.

As you probably know, the thirteen-year-old Windows XP’s End-of-support (EOS) deadline was back in April 2014. This means that Microsoft will not provide any further security updates and patches for this operating system. Windows XP has been the most successful operating system of all times and ran on more than half of the PC systems around the world just a few years back. However successful it was, most users have agreed that it is time to move on and upgrade to the latest operating system. But, not China!

According to NetApplications, the best online statistics collector, a whopping 70 percent of operating systems running in China still run on Windows XP, as compared to mere 27 percent worldwide! Microsoft always had trouble with the Chinese market. China has more pirated copies of Windows than the rest of the world. However, after an internal crackdown on copyright infringement in 2010, the Chinese government bought the license for 888 yuan per copy.

Despite the clear decision made by the Chinese government, there are still lots of questions about security concerns. Yan Xiaohong, a senior Chinese government official told the news channel Sky News, “Security problems could arise because of a lack of technical support after Microsoft stopped providing services, making computers with XP vulnerable to hackers.” He further went on to explain that upgrading to Windows 8 would be fairly expensive.

copyright infringement

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To mitigate the security attacks, the Chinese government hopes to rely on third-party patches such as those offered by Malwarebytes. However, which third-party venture would get the deal remains to be seen. As of now, this option is merely in the evaluation phase. All these remedies are in the hope of continuing with Windows XP for as long as possible.

Worldwide, many government agencies have resisted the Windows 8 upgrade. According to rumours, Windows 7 and even Linux operating systems seems to be in the list of options with Windows 8 featured nowhere in the picture.

However, if the recent polls are to be believed, the initial resentment towards Windows 8 is melting fast since Microsoft continues to appease its customers by bringing in Windows 8 upgrade that are aimed at improving the user experience of Windows 8.

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World Awaits The Release Of Windows 9

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The fact that Windows 8 failed to get people off Windows 7, the predecessor version, is something that we all know. With its poor features and complications, the operating system struggled a lot. It apparently failed to attract users to make a Windows 8 upgrade. The recently released Windows 8.1 update too failed and couldn’t mark a remarkable growth in the market. After two years since the release, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have managed to secure only about 12 percent of the total Windows market share, which is incredibly low as compared to the market share of the 5 year old Windows 7 and 13 year old and non-supported Windows XP.

The poor reception it got for Windows 8 family of operating systems has forced Microsoft to put an end to it. Soon, if things are going to work out as many foresee now, the upcoming version Windows 9 or more popularly known as Windows Threshold would outdo Windows 8 in every aspect. According to sources privy to Microsoft, the preview of Windows 9 will be made available either in September or October this year. This means, the final version will hit the market by early 2015.

What makes Windows 9 a significant operating system?

Windows 9 will be a crucial operating system for Microsoft. The tech giant was immensely criticized for two of its previous operating systems. The world is expecting something better now from Microsoft. Everyone is hopeful that Windows 9 will outdo Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 because the tech giant has already given some clues like integration of Start button in the new operating system. There are also rumours that users will be allowed to install their Windows 9 version on multiple devices.

Is Windows 8 period going to end?

Windows Threshold

Windows 9 Features

From reports, we have seen that the end of Windows XP support didn’t trigger the Windows 8 upgrade trend. Many of the Windows XP users preferred to move to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. In fact, the termination of XP support didn’t add users to Windows 8 but to Windows 7.  Microsoft believes that existing Windows 7 users who are looking for change of OS will turn to Windows 9 next. The termination of mainstream support for Windows 7 will also contribute to an increased shift to Windows 9 from Windows 7.

Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced the release of Windows 9. However, it has signalled some clues that the release of the OS will be soon. Let us be patient until the brand new OS is out.

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