Upgrading Your System To The Latest Windows 8.1 OS

Windows 8 Upgrade

            Upgrading Windows 8 OS

As you may know from decades of experience, old and outdated Windows operating systems are routinely laid to rest in peace. End of support for Windows XP this year got its share of attention. Even the lesser famous Windows Vista no longer enjoys mainstream support.

Windows 7 OS users were in for a shock when it came to light that even the recently released OS will not be getting mainstream support from next year onwards. Although Windows 8 would enjoy mainstream support for a few more years, it is better to get a Windows 8 upgrade as soon as possible so that you get to enjoy the latest features that Microsoft brings out from time to time. Depending on the OS you are presently running, you might run into some hassles trying to upgrade your computer.

Before trying to upgrade your computer with any of the latest operating systems, it is highly advisable to back up all your personal data and check for any updated drivers. If you are running Windows 8 OS and is not satisfied with its performance, Windows 8.1 would be your best bet. To begin with, although Windows 8.1 provides more features than the previous version, it holds a smaller footprint as well. You get to win back upto 15 percent of your disk space upon updating. Windows 8.1 is better in terms of multi-tasking as well, with users getting the feature of running multiple apps on the same screen. It is extremely useful for touch screen users as well since the app allows users to resize the app window in any way they deem fit.

Windows 8 OS

            Best Features Of Windows 8.1 OS

If you are fed up of the Windows 8 OS, which leans towards touch screen users, the Windows 8.1 OS is bound to give you some respite. The new operating system is easily maneuverable by standard keyboard and mouse users as well. The Live tiles now come out in two different sizes and manages the screen better. Moreover, if you want to make good use of the different Apps that Windows features, it is better to update to Windows 8.1. Some apps, which include major ones like Facebook, are only available in Windows 8.1, giving you all the more reason to upgrade.

If you want to make full use of your computer, it is highly advisable to go for the Windows 8 upgrade and opt Windows 8.1. The transition from 8 to 8.1 cab be done free of cost by agreeing to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from the Windows 8 App store.

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Want To Try Out Windows 8? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Windows 8 Upgrade

           Upgrade To Windows 8

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 is being criticized for being too much touch screen oriented. Even the subsequent update dubbed Windows 8.1 didn’t make much difference to the fundamental Windows 8 problems. Reports show that people are anxious about going for a Windows 8 upgrade due to the flaws the operating system seems to carry over.

If you are anxious about making a complete transition from Windows 7 or the older versions to Windows 8 for one or the other reasons, you don’t have to upgrade your OS to Windows 8. Instead, you can try it out on a virtual machine or as a dual boot option. According to Microsoft experts, there are three different options for installing Windows 8. Here is a brief account of each of these options.

Use Windows 8 in virtual machine

If you are intrigued to see how good Windows 8 is but do not wish to install it on the PC or make any changes to your current PC settings, you can try it out on a virtual machine. Virtual machine allows you to run Windows 8 without installing it. For this, you need to have the virtual machine installed on the PC. Virtual machine is a software which you can get online for free. After installing the Virtual Machine software, run Windows 8 in it and see for yourself how good the operating system is. If you are thrilled, you can go for a complete Windows 8 upgrade later on.

Setting Windows 8 as a dual boot option

Run Windows 8

             Windows 8 Problems

Dual boot enables you to have two different operating systems on a single PC. After setting up dual boot, the PC will ask you to choose the operating system at the start up to proceed. Dual boot is quite useful for people who can’t ditch their existing operating system for one or the reasons. Nevertheless, dual boot function demands that you have a decent hardware configuration. Enabling dual boot option in a PC with poor memory or slow processor could potentially slow down the PC.

Windows 8 full installation

The third option is full installation. Go for it only if you are convinced about the OS, its features and support options.

Windows 8 is not as bad as the media depicts it. The operating system has a decent user interface, excellent multimedia options, and higher level compatibility with advanced applications. To know more about Windows 8 or its latest update, visit the official Windows 8 support page.

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How To Upgrade To Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Upgrade

            Use Windows 8 Upgrade

Thinking about an upgrade of your OS is always wise as it is the best way to offer your PC with optimum features and security. The latest platform upgrade available today is Windows 8.1 and it is the successor of Windows 8 upgrade. If you have Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 platform on your system, you are good to run a Windows 8.1 OS on your system. Even if you are eligible for the upgrade, taking care of few important factors will help you to complete the installation without trouble. Ensure that your computer hardware complies with the below requirements.

Minimum requirements to install Windows 8.1 upgrade

  • Your system should have 1GHz or a faster processor. It can be either an Intel processor or AMD processor. You can even try installing a Windows RT platform on your system. However, it requires different processors for installing the platform and you could get that platform only with a new computer inbuilt with Windows RT.
  • 1 GB of RAM memory is required for 32 bit version of Windows 8.1 and 2 GB of space is required for 64 bit.
  • Hard drive space should be much more, for 32 bit, 16 GB is required, and for 64 bit, 64 GB is required. If you need to install more programs, you will have to think about arranging more space.
  • You can use DirectX 9 graphics card that has WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. You can acquire any video card that has been made in the past five years.

If you wish to make use of the Metro styled screen of Windows 8.1, you need to comply with the below requirements.

DirectX 9 Graphics Card

                Purchase Windows 8 Upgrade

  • Your screen should be touch sensitive. If you wish to use mouse in between, you can try it. However, a majority of people do not use mouse with touch screens.
  • To get a quality output, your screen resolution must be 1366 x 768.
  • Since you have a touch sensitive computer, it is always better to try Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8 upgrade. Touch offers you more facilities on the Metro Side and these are far better when compared to touch in Windows 7.

To go with a touch enabled device or not is a choice that you have to make on your own. Most users prefer to use hardware peripherals even in Windows 8.1 over touch screen capabilities.

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Speculations On Windows 10 Being A Free Upgrade For Windows 8 Users

Windows 8 Upgrade

                Windows 10 Details

It seems no number of Windows 8 upgrade will appease Windows 8 users who are fed up of the operating system. Since its introduction in 2012, it has received a lot of flak for the disappearance of Start button and the new Metro style UI which leaned in favour of touch screen users. The operating system, although stable, had its faults. Due to the stark changes from the legacy of Windows operating systems, users alienated the new OS and preferred the previous OS, Windows 7, over it.

All that might change once the new version of Windows, aka Windows 10, makes rounds. There were wide spread speculation surrounding the upcoming operating system, whose details will entice even the fierce critics. The success of the new operating system can only be confirmed once it is released. However, it is clear that Microsoft has looked into the problems that users had with the Windows 8 design and have made appropriate changes.

The pricing scheme has been a hot topic of discussion for quite a while. While Microsoft remains tight lipped about the pricing scheme of the upcoming operating system, various rumours are afloat. Most significant being a recent leak from the Russian hacker group WZor, which claimed the new coming operating system will be available as a free update for Windows 8 users. Further weight is added to this rumor as Andreas Diantro, President, Microsoft Indonesia, confirmed the same. However, officials at Redmond still refuse to budge.

Windows 8 Users

              Windows Pricing Scheme

If this is true, Microsoft will be following the trend set by Apple, which has been delivering successive versions of operating systems for all existing users for some years now. Although Microsoft refuses to mention anything about it, it is rumored that Microsoft already has a tool that will allow users to make the jump in a swift and hassle free manner.

Actual price of the operating system is still not released. It is true that Microsoft wants to move its users away from old and outdated operating systems like Windows XP, so low cost or free price tag would be the best proverbial carrot that Microsoft can hope to dangle. Windows 8 upgrade to the new version would mean that a lot of users who purchased Windows 7 operating system lately have made a huge mistake!

From extended battery backup to the return of the Start button and an all new inbuilt virtual desktop from Windows itself, the Windows 10 preview version has been released and is available for download from the official Microsoft website.

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Manage Your Windows XP Files During Upgrade With EaseUS


Features Of Windows 8

If you are one of the many users who are reluctant of making an upgrade from Windows XP to a newer operating system due to the fear that you will lose all the data in the existing PC, then here is good news for you. The software service provider EaseUS Software has come up with new software program, which will help in the smooth upgrade of the operating system without losing your important files. The software called EaseUS will help you to make Windows 8 Upgrade with ease.

According to Wan Jianhua, who is the General Manager of EaseUS software, “It is the wise decision to replace Windows XP with Windows 7 or 8, but it is difficult to keep the data safe during the upgrade”. However, he adds, “Transfer data is the most important step for Windows XP users, and EaseUS Todo PCTrans will make the process simple and secure.” The software has been welcomed by various experts.

The new program has been praised by many. The Softpedia says it is “A simple and efficient application aimed to offer you the ability of transferring data and applications from one computer to another.” Another tech magazine, PCAdvisor is of the opinion that “EaseUS Todo PCTrans 6.5 Free is a simple wizard-based tool to help you transfer data from an old PC to a new one.”


Windows 8 Installation

Now, let us find out how to use the software. First, let us consider the situation where you wish to replace the computer and upgrade the system. Here, you may use the EaseUS Todo Backup program and take the backup of the complete system. The program helps to make use of the entire hard disk space with its EaseUS Partition Master. This will help you to avoid the low disk space errors and manage the space efficiently. If you have any sensitive data on your old PC, you may use the EaseUS Partition Master for removing these files permanently so that they are beyond retrieval.

If you are planning to replace the old PC, then the program helps in moving the Windows systems to a new PC. This is of great advantage since different systems have different hardware. In order to make use of the hard disk space to its complete capacity, you may use the EaseUS Todo Partition Master like in the first scenario.

With EaseUS Todo software, you can now easily make a Windows 8 upgrade without the fear of losing your important files.

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