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Mozilla Corporation is releasing in-browser application development features for their Firefox web browser with its WebIDE project. This technology helps the developers edit, build, and test Web applications from within the browser window. This news was confirmed after contacting the Mozilla support number.

Currently featured in Firefox Nightly Builds, which are builds for testing, WebIDE is aimed to help developers who are not sure of the steps to start application development on the Internet. “We’re solving that problem with WebIDE, built directly into Firefox. Instead of starting from zero, we provide you with a functioning blueprint app with the click of a button,” said, Robert Nyman and Dave Camp of blog in one of their posts this week.

This technology can be currently used to install and test apps on the Firefox operating system powered devices and simulators, but the fact is that the fledgling Firefox operating system platform is just getting off the ground, with their Web-based mobile platform that is primarily eyed for the new markets round the globe. Camp said, “WebIDE can be used for developing Web applications of any sort, Firefox OS or otherwise.” “Currently, support for pushing to remote devices is limited to Firefox OS, but Firefox for Android is coming soon. Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS are coming later in the year,” he added.

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The Firefox Remote Debugging Protocol that is currently useful only with the Firefox Desktop, Firefox OS, and Firefox Android is at the heart of WebIDE. An adapter is developed that allows clients using the protocol to talk to the mobile browsers regardless of the runtime or rendering engine. WebIDE features example starter templates and the developers will be able to build their own templates also. The developers will be able to edit the source file in WebIDE. This features an integrated editor that is based on the CodeMirror Editor. This editor supports JavaScript, HTML and CSS files. Firefox developer tools are integrated for inspection and debugging across different devices.

If you wish to know more on the Web app dev inside the Firefox web browser, you can contact the Mozilla support team. The Mozilla support center will be able to provide you with more information on the Web app dev and its features. You may also visit the official website of Mozilla Corporation to know more on the Web app dev inside the web browser.

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An Overview Of Windows 8.1 Update 1

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It may have taken long for Microsoft to release the Windows 8.1 Update 1, but this upgrade finally makes Windows 8 tablets a best in class experience. Many of the video outlets make their content available through apps in the iTunes Store or using the HTML 5-based video players, however some of them still need a flash plug in. That is something that the iPad just does not have. Every experience in the Windows 8.1 is backed up with a touch-first experience that has been tailored for the fingers and gestures of the user. Changing settings in the Windows 8.1 is easy and effortless. Most of the Windows Store apps make for a great lean-back experience.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 enables the users to move effortlessly to the desktop when they need to. This makes the Windows 8 OS more approachable for the mouse and keyboard users by adding minimize and close buttons to all of the Windows Store apps. Right click menus are present so that the keyboard and mouse users can easily find the necessary options in the Start Screen itself. With the Windows 8.1 Update, the Windows 8 tablet has become a more approachable beast, one that does not compromise the experience of the users. iOS for iPad and Android are decidedly mobile experiences, smart phone OSs that Apple and Google will continue adding more features with to make them more oriented on productivity.

They both do a very good job at pretending to be workhorses with the new features like Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro’s multitasking screen and iWork for the iPad. iPad users will be able to look at only one application at a time and the same restrictions apply to most of the Android tablets too. Windows tablets now have the features that they need to be everything for everyone. A work device when needed and an entertainment device when necessary. iPad, and tablets that are running on Android are not playing at this level yet. Maybe someday in the future they will but here today the Windows tablets truly offer little to no compromise to the users.

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The Windows 8.1 Update makes tablets wonderful as it addresses the concerns of a growing number of tablet users. This update has made those users who have done the Windows 8 upgrade happy. If you have done the Windows 8 upgrade and would like to know more on downloading and installing the Windows 8.1 update, you can contact our tech support team.

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A Review Of Windows 8.1

Windows 8 Upgrade

Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8.1 is the latest update to the operating system released by Microsoft, i.e. Windows 8. In fact, the tech giant has fixed several issues that were found in the Windows 8 OS and it also featured the return of the Windows Start button, which was absent in the previous Windows 8 OS. Now, let’s see a review of the latest Windows 8.1 OS.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1

All the users who have performed the Windows 8 upgrade can easily upgrade their OS to Windows 8.1. The first app in the Windows Store is this upgrade. The upgrade will start very quickly when you choose to install the upgrade from the Windows Store. When you are upgrading your OS to the latest Windows 8.1 OS, all the files and apps that were there in the previous Windows 8 OS will be left intact. Therefore, the users do not need to install the apps again and it will make the transition even smoother since the upgrade retains the icons that are pinned to the taskbar.

Return of Windows Start button

One of the biggest disappointments in the Windows 8 OS is the lack of the traditional Windows Start button. The lack of the Start button created much confusion among the users and it was because of this reason that Windows 8 OS received a major setback during the initial phases. Thus, Microsoft decided to include the Start button in the latest update along with some major improvements. In Windows 8.1, the users can open as much as four apps at the same time and according to the needs of the users, the size of each app can be altered.

Microsoft Tech Support

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Internet Explorer 11

The latest version of the Internet Explorer is available in Windows 8.1, which will provide faster browsing experience to the users. One of the biggest advantages of using the IE11 browser is the fact that in Windows 8.1, a user can open any number of tabs for browsing, which makes it special different from other browsers.


The gaming aspect is not that perfect since many of the games that are running in Windows 7 OS will not work fine under the Windows 8.1 OS.

Considering all these aspects, it is clear that Windows 8.1 will be a huge success among the users since it is expected to be more user-friendly to the desktop users where they will face no confusions or difficulties in using the keyboard and mouse.

The users who have performed the Windows 8 upgrade can easily upgrade to Windows 8.1 by downloading the update that is available in Windows Store. For more information, contact the Microsoft tech support team.

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Microsoft Keeps Windows 8.1 Prices Unchanged

Windows 8 Upgrade

        About Windows 8.1 Freeware

Recent decision by Microsoft has been to start providing the Windows 8.1 OS as a freeware for small computer devices with screen size less than 9 inches. It has nothing to do with Windows 8.1 for desktop and laptop computers. We all know that Microsoft is not going to make their OS free for everyone. But, tech experts did indicate that we’d see some reduction in the Windows 8.1 price after this announcement.

Microsoft to launch a cheaper version of Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 OS is available as a free OS upgrade only to Windows 8 users. Windows XP and Windows 7 users, who skipped the Windows 8 upgrade, will have to pay 120 or 200 dollars for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro OS version, respectively. Microsoft has not yet announced any change in these prices.

You will notice the price tag was the same for the Standard and Pro OS versions of the Windows 8 upgrade, when it was launched in October 2012. As far as Microsoft is concerned, they are not facing any major competition in desktop and laptop OS markets. So, they will leave these prices unchanged for the time being.

But in the smartphone and OS area, they are facing stiff competition from Android and iOS. This has forced them to launch the Windows 8.1 OS as a freeware for these smaller computer devices. Also, according to reports, Microsoft is working on yet another OS version called “Windows 8.1 with Bing”, which will be available with a lower price tag.

Windows 8.1 With Bing

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Microsoft’s plan, it seems, is to release multiple Windows 8.1 versions including freeware and paid editions, which will come with different options and features. This will help them compete effectively with the Google and Apple operating systems, as well as other freeware OS in the market.

Microsoft realises that most desktop PC users are actually corporate houses and organisations, who will need a full version OS with all the enterprise features and functions. They will try to sell the full version Windows 8.1 OS to these users at market price. But, expecting tablet OS users to shell out 120 dollars, when they get an OS like Android instead for free was not going to work. So, it was inevitable that they’d release a freeware Windows 8.1 version.

For more information about all these different Windows 8.1 OS versions, visit the official Microsoft website online.

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China To Ban Windows 8 From Government PCs

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In a recent notification regarding getting new computers for different government agencies, the Central Government Procurement Center made it clear that they do need any Windows 8 computers. The notification was for private and public companies for providing energy efficient computers for different government agencies in the country. This new notification is a blow for Microsoft considering the fact that most of the computer users in the world are in China. The greatest mystery is the fact that the officials have failed to notify the reason for the exclusion of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

This will greatly affect the sales of the operating system, as Microsoft will lose lots of Windows 8 upgrade sales from the country. It is said that about 37% of computers in China are still running on Windows XP operating system, including different government agencies. The move has been referred to as China’s response to Microsoft ending the support provided for their Windows XP operating system. The official news bureau of Chinese government Xinhua states that the government had took this decision “to avoid the awkwardness of being confronted with a similar situation again in future if it continues to purchase computers with [a] foreign OS.”

On the other hand, Microsoft was duly surprised with the new move from Chinese government as they claim that they have been consulting with the Chinese Central Government Procurement Center for creating a version of the operating system that was pleasing for them. The company made it clear that they will still be providing Windows 7 operating system to agencies as it was confirmed to be safe by all agencies.

Window 8 Evaluation

            Windows 8 Upgrade Features

Microsoft commented about the issues in their Windows 8 upgrade website saying, “We were surprised to learn about the reference to Windows 8 in this notice. Microsoft has been working proactively with the Central Government Procurement Center and other government agencies through the evaluation process to ensure that our products and services meet all government procurement requirements. We have been and will continue to provide Windows 7 to government customers. At the same time, we are working on the Window 8 evaluation with relevant government agencies.”

It is rumored that the Chinese government is trying to create a new operating system of their own, as they are now experimenting with a mobile operating system that is developed solely from China. Let’s wait and see how the issue will be sorted in the near future.

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