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There is a rumor that Windows 8.1 operating system is no improvement over the Windows 8 operating system. The answer is Yes and No depending on how you see it. If you undergo Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 8.1 hoping Microsoft will take a U-turn and get done with the new age Metro style interface, you are bound to be disappointed.

The infamous Metro style Start screen, which has tiles in place of menus, is still present in Windows 8.1 operating system. However, Windows 8.1 operating system is a significant improvement over Windows 8, which favors only touch screen users. The user interface of Windows 8.1 is less complex and at least tries to appease users who have been fed up with the Windows 8 operating system.

The best part, there is no compromise in stability and the operating system is available for free upgrade if you are using Windows 8 operating system. With Windows 8.x mainstream support ending next year, Microsoft is sending updates after updates in order to make changes to the user interface to the likes of its users. Windows 8.1 update 2 was released last month and brings many changes to improving the functionality of the operating system.

If you are running Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, you will have to shell out somewhere around $119.99 for the Windows 8.1 Home version and $199.99 for the Windows 8.1 Pro version. However, prices are bound to vary as the IT giant itself has suggested.

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Upgrade

If you are running Windows 8 operating system, you will be able to download Windows 8.1 operating system from the website. They are also available as DVD packages at retail stores with higher premiums.

From user recommendations, it is certain that Windows 8.1 operating system is worth the Windows 8 upgrade. However, if you can afford to wait for some time, you can try out the Windows 10 operating system. Although Microsoft remains tight-lipped about the features, certain “reveals” have spiked the users’ interest in this operating system. In case you are wondering, yes, Windows 10 will have a Start menu.

When comparing different operating systems in terms of popularity or strictly in terms of numbers alone, Windows 8.x operating system has failed to entice users. Maybe the next operating system might change the outlook of Windows users who have been disappointed by the attempts from the part of Microsoft. Only time will tell what is in store for the future.

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Upgrading Your Windows 7 PC To Windows 8

Windows 8 Upgrade

            Features Of Windows 8

Many of the Windows 7 users are planning for a Windows 8 upgrade. The new operating system from Microsoft offers numerous features, which we have not seen in any of the previous Windows operating systems. These include the introduction of tile interface, apps for the operating system, dual interface etc. So, how can you upgrade to Windows 8? You may either make use of a USB stick or use the Windows 8 disc for the upgrade purpose.

Before we begin the installation process, keep in mind that there are two methods of Windows 8 installation. You may choose either to clean install the operating system or do an upgrade installation. In case of an upgrade installation, the program will automatically check the internet and download the required files for the upgrade installation. However, you should enter the product key, which you would receive during the purchase for the installation to continue. Once you enter the product key, the installation begins.

During the installation, the first stage is to read the license agreement and then agree to it. As the next step, you need to select the type of installation that you wish to carry out. In the first method of installation in the program, all the existing settings, apps and files are moved to Windows 8 with the new installation. In the second type of installation, only the files are moved from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The third type of installation is the clean installation where a fresh copy of the operating system is installed, erasing all the data in the hard disk.

Windows 8 Installation

                 Windows 8 OS

When you continue the installation, the installer checks the various applications and drivers installed in the program and checks if there are any incompatible ones. If there are any such applications, the program might ask for a restart to remove it. The advantage of Windows 8 installation is that you can resume it from where you left if you were interrupted in between.

Keep in mind that the first method of Windows 8 upgrade where you move the settings from Windows 7 takes longer time than the other methods. Some of the installations took just 27 minutes when carried out from a Windows 8 disc. Now, in case of a clean installation, it took less than 11 minutes to complete, which is just amazing. Many experts say that upgrade installation is the best option because it will save you a lot of time that you might have spent copying files from your old Windows 7 operating system. So, if you are looking to upgrade your machine, go for Windows 8 today.

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Personal Computer Market Rebounds In Second Quarter


Windows 8 Features

With the end of support of Windows XP in place, many were left with an old computer that would not run any of the newer operating systems. This led many to get a new computer and thus the PC market rebounded from continuous sales drop for few quarters in the second quarter of this year. The main reason for the hike in the PC market can be related to as the Windows 8 upgrade options available in the market now for Windows XP users. Even though this quarter marked about 1.7 percent decline in sales when compared with the last year’s quarter, it is a positive sign when you consider the decline in previous few quarters.

Popular survey sites were able to compute that about 74.4 million PCs were shipped in the second quarter of this year. This is a huge development as a popular firm, IDC had predicted about 7.1 percent decline in sales for the second quarter. Most of the Windows XP customers found it is better to buy a new PC than to purchase a new operating system, as they will still be left with an old computer if they do so. Customers are now going for laptops and desktops that have pre-installed Windows operating systems in them so that they will be able to enjoy both a new operating system and a PC at the same time.


Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 7 computers acquired most of the sales and as it were mostly preferred by Windows XP users since the operating systems share the same user interface. It is also heard that Windows XP users have been getting Windows 8 upgrade PCs that have a downgrade feature. The users also preferred the Chromebooks released by Google. Chrome books are laptops developed and marketed by Google that have a Linux based operating system- the Chrome operating system.

The main reason for choosing Chromebooks is that they are powerful, light and have a longer battery life when compared with Windows devices. Almost all of the PC manufacturers had a gain in sale in this quarter. However, Acer is the only one that has suffered a loss in this quarter. The main reason for the fall in the sales of Acer was mainly due to the management changes that took place in the last few months.

In short, one could say that the end of support for Windows XP triggered increase of sales in the PC market.

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Keeping All Apps And Files While Upgrading From Windows 7 To Windows 8

Windows 8 Upgrade

          Windows 8 OS

The Windows 8 upgrade process is simple enough. Following the steps that are discussed below will allow you to keep your previous files and applications during the upgrade process.

  • Run through the installation steps. After installation, you will have access to all your programs, files, and settings.
  • If you make use of the online purchase and install, you will see an additional dialog box before download and installation. It is a compatibility assistant program and should let the user know what will and will not work on the new installation.

Upgrade Assistant

This program is mainly for a For You Information deal. Anything that is incompatible will not be upgraded to the new installation of Windows 8 OS.

Getting Stuff From Windows.old Folder

The Windows.old folder is collection of programs, files and things that Windows deems important from the old installation that is not compatible with the Windows 8 OS. To recover these files from the Windows.old folder, the user can do two things.

  • Use the recovery tool from Windows website.
  • Recover the files manually.

The steps to recover the files manually are explained below.

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen and tap on Search. If you are using a mouse, you can point to the upper-right corner of the screen, bring the pointer down, and then select Search. Enter Computer in the search box, click or tap on Apps and then select Computer.
  • Double click or double tap the drive where Windows is installed. Typically, it should be the C: drive.
  • Open the Windows.old folder, then the Users folder and then click on your Username.
  • Open the folders that have the files you wish to retrieve. For instance, to retrieve the files in Documents library, you can double click on Documents.
  • Copy and then paste the files that you need from each folder to a folder in the Windows 8 Release Preview.

    Windows.Com Purchase

                  Upgrade To Windows 8

These are the simple steps to do the Windows 8 upgrade from Windows 7 operating system by keeping your old files and programs. You should understand that those programs that are not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system cannot be moved even after following the above steps. If you have any doubts, or would like to get any further assistance in upgrading to the Windows 8 operating system, you can contact the Windows support team.

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Microsoft Reveals Some Details About Windows 9


          Windows 8 Support

The world is waiting to hear from Microsoft about its brainchild Windows 9. In a recent post, Microsoft revealed a few details about Windows 9 and unsurprisingly, the revelations have amused most. If what media around the world is reporting is true, Windows 9 will be more of a cloud computing operating system. The newly elected CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella believes that cloud computing will be the heart of future computers. So, he does not want to take chances by not integrating cloud computing options with Windows 9.  He believes that Windows 9 has greater scope in the future than the present because it is an operating system that has envisioned future computing.

Nadella believes desktops, laptops and smartphones will be replaced by tablets

The head of the tech giant also believes that the computing devices such as laptops, desktops and smartphones, which are popular now, will be replaced by tablets sooner than later. The reason for this change, according to him, is that tablets would allow a person to do both the tasks that can be done in a smartphone and PC. Moreover, cloud computing could work better with tablets.

Windows 9- the grand project of Microsoft

Microsoft has admitted that Windows 9 will be its biggest project hitherto. Although Windows 8 was a major project and the tech giant was much hopeful about its success, it didn’t work out due to one or the other reasons. Currently, it appears that Microsoft has learnt lessons from the past, from the low adoption of Windows 8 upgrade.

windows 9

            Upgrade To Windows 8

It is believed that the basic principles of both Windows 8 and Windows 9 are the same.  But, the tech giant has adopted an ergonomic and logical approach towards Windows 9 than Windows 8. Like Windows 8, Windows 9 will be a touch screen friendly operating system. Nonetheless, it won’t ditch traditional Windows users.

Microsoft makes a steady transition to the cloud computing

Looking at some of the past major releases of Microsoft, it becomes quite clear that the tech giant is making a slow but steady transition to cloud computing. First, it was Windows Azure and then came Office 365. Both projects have received more positive reviews than any negative remarks.

Microsoft said that Windows 9 would integrate more convenient and straightforward options for upgrade than Windows 8 upgrade. It is said that the OS will integrate a single option called Upgrade to Windows 9. With this option, the upgrade becomes smoother, and faster.

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