Windows 8 installation with in-built antivirus

Windows 8 installation

Windows 8 built-in antivirus

Windows 8, Microsoft’s brand new operating system is still in the developing stages. A lot is being expected from this new operating system, for it has been boasted out for a plush of exciting features. One among such exciting changes that Microsoft decided to bring in Windows 8 is inclusion of Antivirus with the new operating system.

Microsoft reveals that it will ship Windows 8 with built-in antivirus software that can potentially raise a devastating blow to the security industry. For some time now, Microsoft has been offering the free Windows antivirus software and Microsoft Security Essentials,  but it has refrained from bundling it with the operating system thus far, offering it only as a Windows Update for those who don’t have any other form of antivirus protection.

However, with the advent of new Windows 8 operating system, that is all going to change. Microsoft will beef up the protection offered by Windows Defender with antivirus scanning. This means that Windows will be shipping soon with free firewall, antivirus, spyware, and parental controls mirroring the features offered by many paid security suites.

In the next-generation operating system, the antivirus protection is only one of the new security features present. Windows 8 will now block attempts to boot the PC from an infected USB drive with the help of Windows 8 installation potentially cutting off another popular attack vector. In both Internet Explorer and Windows itself, unrecognized executables, like those routinely distributed by fake antivirus sites, will also be blocked.

Metro UI

The Metro UI is the most exciting and eye-catchy feature of Windows 8 and the new class of Metro style apps of Windows 8 too will be

Windows 8 installation

Windows 8 built-in antivirus

subject to security checks from Microsoft even before they are admitted to the download store. This, thus, ensures a trouble free download of apps from the market and peaceful installation of those. There is no more worry of incompatible apps, dangerous apps, insecure apps and so on. This is a good move from the part of Microsoft, especially at this age of increasingly nasty viral applications and security issues. Microsoft has taken a wise decision and a go with the trend.

So, that was some news on the antivirus software shipping with the new Windows 8. Thank you for your time, take care, adios!

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