Using flash drives and memory cards in Windows 8

Windows 8 drivers, Memory cards and flash drives

Windows 8 features

Memory cards and flash drives or thumbdrives have become so common in our daily lives. Information is usually exchanged from one person to another usually in the form of storage devices like these. They have the ability to store vast amounts of data in such a tiny body. The diminutive size of the devices has also played a big part in these devices becoming successful.

With the release of the latest operating system from Microsoft, the Windows 8, only a few weeks away, now would be the time to check upon the utility of these popular storage devices in Windows 8. The Windows 8 drivers make using these devices is sure to be a pleasure with minimum hassle.

Memory card readers in Windows 8

Usually, the memory card is accessed in a PC with the help of cables but the presence of memory card readers helps the accessing of memory cards a much easier process. The memory card readers are little slot-filled boxes that stays connected to your computer. The user can slide their memory cards into these slots and the computer will be able to read the files that are present in the memory card.

There are other types of memory card readers too, such as those that come as an in-built feature along with the PC. Windows 8 will present the memory card as any other folder and users can access it with ease.

Flash drives in Windows 8

These devices are also known as thumbdrives and are one of the most popular means of storage devices currently in use. These

Windows 8 drivers, Memory cards and flash drives

Windows 8 features

devices are also similar to memory cards but do not require any cables to connect them to the PC. These can be plugged to the computers via the USB ports and the system will detect the presence of these devices; users can read the contents in the device once it’s connected. The Windows 8 drivers help in identifying and in using the devices such as flash drives. Once the flash drive is inserted into the USB ports, the drive will be displayed on the File Explorer and can be accessed by clicking on the icon.

Memory cards and flash drives are very popular among users as a means of storage and using these devices in Windows 8 is going to be a real pleasure!