The Pricing Range For Windows 8.1 Operating System

Windows 8 upgrade

       Windows 8 operating system

The upcoming update to the Windows 8 operating system is the Windows 8.1.The pricing details of the much hyped and anticipated Windows 8 upgrade, the Windows 8.1, is out now. The good news is that it will be a free update for the existing Windows 8 users from October 18, 2013 and new users will have to shell out the same amount as that for the Windows 8. However, no introductory or Promotional pricing are in the offering.

No More Upgrade Version

What has bewildered everyone is that the upgrade version of the Windows 8.1 will not be available online, but instead, the Windows 8.1 will be offered as a whole package, i.e. a full version. This new approach from Microsoft gives a huge advantage for people who do not have a Windows operating system running on their system.

The Pricing

For existing Windows 8 users, in order for a Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 8.1, it is completely free of cost and can be done from the Windows Store. For people who want to purchase the full version of the Windows 8.1, it is the same as the price for the upgrade version of the Windows 8: that is $119.99 for the Core and $199.99 for Windows 8 Pro. By shelling out $99, users running on Windows 8.1 Core can upgrade to the Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows Media Center. Users who require only the media center and running on Windows 8.1 Pro need to shell out only $9.99.

Free update

         Windows 8.1 full version

If you are into upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 7, all your data and files can be transferred but the applications have to be reinstalled. Customers who want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Vista and Windows XP require buying the Windows 8.1 DVD and performing a clean install rather than downloading the product. However, what is to be noted is that the users will have to make a backup of all the files, folders and documents, as they cannot be transferred directly. After the installation of Windows 8.1 on their systems, they can reinstall the files, programs and settings.

Microsoft hopes that the Windows 8.1 will change the fortunes of the company as Microsoft is going through a slump with the Windows 8 operating system not being a huge success and the surface tablets turning out to be a total flop. With the launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft hopes to lure more customers and increase the company’s foothold in the tech arena.