Microsoft Introduces New Features In Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 Issues

Although it has been over one and a half years that Microsoft launched Windows 8, the operating system hasn’t still been able to fully satisfy the customers. It is a fact that Windows 8 offers a new computing experience to the users with its most modern and sophisticated features. These include Charms bar, a modern UI interface, live tiles replacing icons, etc. Microsoft thus projected Windows 8 as the perfect OS for all the devices.

However, according to the Windows technical support, most users who did the Windows 8 upgrade complained about the usability of this OS on their non touch-based devices. Some users who were using Windows XP and 7 earlier were getting confused with the advanced options available in Windows 8. Some even complained about the inability to perform basic functions such as booting up their system due to the absence of Start button in Windows 8. This reflected in the market share of the Windows 8 devices. According to reports, Windows 7 along with XP still remains the top used versions of the Windows OS, leaving Windows 8 far behind. Microsoft has thus launched an extended version of Windows 8, naming it as Windows 8.1. The latest version comprises of more basic features such as Start button and also a plethora of user-friendly apps.

Touch-Free Navigation

Windows 8 Updates

The latest Windows 8.1 update proves to be a relief for the users who had done the Windows 8 upgrade earlier and were finding it difficult. As mentioned earlier, the Start button returns to the desktop in 8.1 and once the user pushes it, it would bring up a hovering version of the Modern UI. Here, a customizable menu of tiles to start applications and services would be present. Similarly, it includes many applications such as the food and drink app that utilizes your computer’s camera for touch-free navigation. It would help you to operate your Windows 8.1 computer while you are cooking or having food. All you require is to simply wave your food-stained hand in front of the computer’s camera to navigate using 8.1’s built-in gesture control. There is also an advanced snap view feature that makes multitasking much simpler on Windows 8.1. With this feature, you can manage several applications or windows on the screen as well as use multiple monitors.

Hence, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft is all set to regain its supremacy and the customers, which the software company lost due to the Windows 8 debacle.