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As Microsoft has ended the support for Windows XP operating system, the users of Windows XP have two choices. Either upgrade their operating systems to Windows 7 or go for the newer operating system, Windows 8. Now, as the mainstream support for Windows 7 ends by next year, many experts recommend upgrading to Windows 8 as a much better choice. In addition, many existing Windows 7 customers are also planning for an upgrade to Windows 8. Therefore, in this post, we will find out how to carry out a Windows 8 upgrade.

Steps Involved

Before purchasing a Windows 8 operating system, find out whether your computer is capable of running the operating system. For this, download the Upgrade Assistant Tool for Windows 8 operating system. You can find this tool from the official website of Microsoft. Once you download the tool, double click to run it on the computer. The tool will initiate the scan of your computer. The program will check the compatibility of all the installed applications and hardware components. Once the scan is over, you need to select the option See Compatibility Details. This will give you the separate list of compatible as well as incompatible devices and programs in the computer.

Once you view the compatibility report, select the option Next. In the new window, you will find the options to select the programs that you wish to take along with the upgrade to Windows 8. Keep in mind that this feature is available only if you are using the Windows 7 operating system. Choose the various Windows settings, apps, personal files etc. which you want to see in the new operating system and click Next.

Upgrade Assistant Tool

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The new window will have an Order button, which will take you to the new Window for choosing the type of upgrade. If you wish to purchase an upgrade DVD, select the DVD option or else select the button Checkout. This step will take you to the Microsoft Store, where you need to enter the billing details. Give your name, email address, shipping address etc. and select the button Next. Choose the payment method in the new screen and mark the option for I agree to the terms and conditions. Select the button Buy and then click View Receipt. Save or print this receipt.

Select the button Next and this will initiate the download of Windows 8 files. Choose the option Next. You may choose an installation media and follow the on-screen commands for making the Windows 8 upgrade.