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Preparing for a Windows 8 upgrade? Microsoft suggests its users to install the Upgrade Assistant before purchasing a copy of Windows 8. The upgrade assistant detects conflicts that may arise between various services and devices connected to your system. The program also gives you a complete summary of devices and applications that may not work on your system. Do you have any doubts regarding your current system, on whether it can support the high configurations of Windows 8? The Upgrade Assistant will also determine if your system is compatible to run Windows 8. If it is compatible, and no conflicts arise with any of the devices connected, then the assistant will provide you with methods to upgrade to Windows 8.

Windows XP still forms the major chunk of the Windows OS used globally and users are still battling with the choice, weighing the advantages and disadvantages. People fear the changes in the new version, quoting complexities and problems during the upgrade as a reason not to upgrade. Most users also believe that losing all your personal files is not worth the upgrade. However, this is completely untrue, and every old Windows OS users have the ability to import most of their personal files when upgrading to Windows 8. Also, Microsoft’s Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant provides an easy and fast way to upgrade your system.

To download the Upgrade Assistant, click on the “Can my PC run Windows 8?” button from the download section of Microsoft’s website. The free tool scans your computer and all connected hardware, devices and apps to detect conflicts with the new OS. When running the tool, keep in mind to switch on and connect all the devices that you will be using with Windows 8.

The belief that Windows 8 requires the latest processors and graphics cards are also completely false and even systems purchased several years ago can work effortlessly with Windows 8. Some of the minimum system requirements are given below

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  1. 1Ghz or higher processor
  2. 2GB DDR2 RAM
  3. 20GB of free disk space
  4. 1366×768 screen resolution and
  5. A DirectX 9 supporting graphics processor

Based on the report of the assistant, you will be prompted to choose a Windows 8 upgrade version. Depending on the features you require, you can select from Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT. The Windows 8 Platform provides you with the best Microsoft have to offer and existing users have the ability to upgrade easily with the Upgrade Assistant provided on the Microsoft website.