Microsoft Mocked By Apple For Poor Windows 8 Adoption Trends

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Before the launch of Windows 8 upgrade, Microsoft had hoped that the operating system would outdo Apple’s latest Mac version OS X Mavericks. But, what has unfolded is just the opposite. Windows 8 is struggling in the market with only few people adopting it. Meanwhile, Apple’s OS X Mavericks is being sold like hot buns. Recently, during WWDC 2014 conference, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took the opportunity to mock Microsoft for the poor operating system it came up with. He said that Microsoft failed to pace with the new changes and advancements in technology.

According to the figures, Apple has been enjoying a steady rise of popularity for its operating systems for the last two years. Its latest OS X Mavericks has already been adopted by about 51% of the Mac users, which is a clear sign that the operating system is good and up to people’s expectations. Apple released OS X Mavericks almost one year after Microsoft released Windows 8. But less than 14 percent of existing Windows users moved to Windows 8 until now, which as compared to the adoption trend for OS X Mavericks is pretty lower.

Apple boasts of OS X Mavericks adoption from Non-Mac users

In the case of Windows 8, even existing users showed less interest for adoption. On the other hand, Apple said that many non-Mac PC users are showing interest in the new OS X Mavericks. In 2013 alone, the sale of Mac increased by 12%.  It continues to rise to the moment. During the same period, Apple said, the sale of non-Mac PCs were down by 5%. Apple indirectly indicates Windows 8 as non-Mac PCs.

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Apple is gaining while Microsoft struggles

No doubt, the rise in sale for its OS that Apple has managed to achieve is the result of the struggle that Windows 8 is facing in the market now. But Microsoft assumes that the rise in the sale of the latest Mac OS is the result of it being rolled out for free. Users of any Mac version are allowed to upgrade to the latest Mac version for free while Windows users are supposed to shell out $49.99 to upgrade to the latest Windows 8 version.

It is out of question whether Microsoft will give out Windows 8 for free. If the tech giant decides to give out Windows 8 for free to existing Windows users, it will be obliged to refund the money to users who paid for Windows 8 upgrade already.